Friday, May 27, 2011

Michael, Michael

Michael is graduating from Elementary School in just a few days. This week has been a lot of fun for him. He had Wax Museum at school on Wednesday (he pretended to be Audie Murphy - a World II War Hero and Actor), had a big water party at school today and next week he has an Awards Ceremony (he'll be getting three awards), the Fifth Grade Walk and class party at the last day. Wow!! I'm a little tired and ready for the summer. And here is why... (well, Jack might have to do with some of it too...)

After searching Goodwill, sending e-mails to countless people, I was not able to find anything that resembled WWII soldier for the Wax Museum... So I made it myself. Well, not the whole thing. I bought khaki pants at Old Navy that came with a belt resembling military, disguised Michael's Scout shirt with lots of paper medals and awards I printed from the Internet, and then made a Garrison Cap and a tie matching the color of the pants. I think he turned out pretty cute. :-)

I had to break it to him that he was not really Audie Murphy... he didn't believe me. :-)

Here is the real guy. Handsome, wasn't he?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jack Is One!!

Jack turned one last week. We had a picnic at a park to celebrate. Last week he also took his first two steps. Yesterday while I was away, he took three steps. I'll post the video later. I was so sad to miss it!

Then we came back home to eat the cake. I made the cake myself (copied the design from the paper hats). It's a lemon cake, with lemon mousse filling, buttercream icing with coconut.

Right before singing happy birthday, Jack was super tired (Michael looks super tired too, doesn't he?)

Enjoying the cake

Hanging out with daddy

 I'm so darn cute!!