Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Friday, March 6, I took Raphael to JC Penney to find a baby shower gift. While browsing, we found some cute underwear for sale in his size. I showed them to him, and he asked me if I could buy them for him. I said, "but you don't use the potty yet" (about 6 months ago, I tried to potty train him, but he would not even sit on the potty). He said, "Raphael will use the potty." Then I said, "Ok, I'll buy them, but you have to use the potty, all right?" He agreed. I didn't expect much of it, but when we got home, he asked me for some crackers. I said, hold on because mom has to use the potty. He said" I need to use the potty too." I followed him to the bathroom and he really went!! The amazing thing is that he's being using the potty ever since, with very few accidents. Is this a blessing or what?


  1. So funny! That is how Dean was too. I have to say, people keep asking me how we potty trained him and I always say, "I don't know, he did it himself."

    I feel like a first-time Mom with Eli because Dean always just teaches himself. LOL. :o)

    LOVE your prom pictures - you guys are too cute.

  2. What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing your blog, Lilian! Congrats on the potty training! I hope it continues this week for you. That is a huge mommy milestone.

  3. Lucky you!! I'm jealous! Though everyone deserves a break whenever they can get one. Jordan will tell me he needs to go potty then go while I'm walking him to the bathroom or he'll just tell me "no potty yet".