Sunday, September 20, 2009

This past month has been all about planning. Planning my kids extra-curricular activities, planning my school work time, planning Cub Scouts schedule for the whole year, planning a time to plan... no wonder I've been forgetting everything, even with everything jotted down in my schedule... if it makes sense at all. My sisters and mom would probably understand this. They know that when I have a lot to do my mind shuts down... interesting that my husband hasn't figured that out yet. He still thinks I'm Wonder Woman. Yeah right. :-)
I have been baking a whole lot. My almost 11-year-old mixer broke and my husband "convinced" me to splurge on a Bosch Universal Plus (shhh don't tell him that I actually made him feel like he had the idea). It was so worth the investment! We've made soft pretzels, cinnamon rolls, different types of pizza, breadsticks, whole wheat bread, etc. I just hope the investment won't go down on our waist. :-) The good thing is that we've been doing a lot of it together.
This month I read, "The Guernsey Literary and the Potato Peel Society" and "Catching Fire" (the second book of the Hunger Games). If anyone feels like having a book discussion, I'd love to do it! Both books were great.
We also went to the beach a whole lot in August and September. Surf Side is fun!

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