Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cats Are Like Children

     She misses me. I've been careful to give all my kids equal attention, but have not been so good with my little Bayla. All day long she follows me around, meows, sometimes even bites me to get my attention. Every evening she lays by my side while I hold Jack, sometimes she even stands up and puts her paws on the chair so she can see the baby.
     She loves Jack though. She actually looked at him closer for the first time two weeks ago. I wish I had the camera close by. She climbed on the bed, and carefully got close to him. She smelled Jack and then she licked his arm. Jack seemed to like her too.
     I like rocking Jack on my rocking chair after I put the older ones to bed. Bayla learned that, and yesterday she was waiting on my rocking chair to see if I would rock her instead. I had to smile. :-) After I rocked Jack and put him in his crib, I rocked Bayla. She loved it!

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