Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been too hot!! Today our power was out in the morning, so we decided to play games. We played Cadoo, Uno Attack and then Hide and Seek. The last was the funnest! In our 3rd time playing, I went to hide under Michael's bed. Julianna followed me and wanted to hide with me. I didn't like that!! I knew there would be giggles and I would be found. So I quickly hid behind the door (there was no time left) and hoped Julianna would be found first. Michael found her very fast, and when both of them ran to touch the wall (I'm not sure if Americans play this way,but Brazilians do), I quickly went under the bed hoping Michael would not think to look there again. I was right! The kids looked for me for a very long time and I was giggling the whole time under the bed. So fun! Then they all came to Michael's room (Julianna told them that I was there before) and Michael said, "Mom, I give up! Show yourself!" I still remained quiet... Michael sat on his bed, and when all was quiet, I said out loud, "I win!" He jumped out of the bed!! I scared him really bad. Hahahahha.... we all had a blast!!

I have not been good in taking pictures this Summer,but here are a few I thought were cute.

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  1. Hide and seek is sooo fun with kids! Just beware. Teagan is the best hider and stays silent really really well. That did not bode well do us when we were house hunting. Lets just say...I was 15 seconds away from calling the police when I finally found her hiding behind the door of an EMPTY house. Love that you got Michael!! So fun :). Miss you guys!