Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Raphael Lost His First Tooth

Raphael came to me yesterday very upset saying "mom, there is something really wrong with my tooth." After quickly examining him, I found the culprit to be a loose tooth. He was so excited!!
This morning Raphael told me he was going to pull his loose tooth out at school. He wanted to go to the nurses office and get a little treasure box for it... I really doubted him. First, because first teeth are always scary and with my other kids I had to pull them out myself and I only did it when the tooth was really almost falling out. Raphael's tooth did not seem that loose...
So when I picked him up in school today and he showed me his little green treasure box, I couldn't help but to feel VERY PROUD of my little boy. He showed me how determined he can be and how brave!!

1 comment:

  1. How funny about the tooth! That will be a fun story to re tell when He is all grown up!
    I mean really, how many times can I tell you that He is so cute! I feel like a broken record.