Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rodeo 2012

This year I went to the Rodeo twice (double the fun!! Sorry to brag... :-)). The first time  (March 6) I took all kids, my mother-in-law Noeli and brother-in-law Fernando that were visiting. Marco and his dad were in Germany for a week. We went to see Enrique Iglesias and the show was super fun. He sang all my faves and I got to enjoy a footlong hot dog. Yum!! As an added bonus, Jack fell asleep as soon as the concert started, so I was able to enjoy the music with no interruptions. So nice. :-)
The second time was on Marco's birthday. We went to see Train without the kids. It was so fun!! Marco and I got to hang out the whole day and I really love spending time with my favorite guy.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Marco!
    How fun to go to the rodeo, just the 2 of you!!