Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th, 2012

I love Independence Day. I feel so grateful to be in this wonderful country. I've truly been blessed here and have made it my home.
We went downtown to a celebration with symphony, booming cannons and magnificent fireworks. We arrived three hours before the concert to find an easy parking space and to play at the park. We brought a picnic, ate, the kids played in the splash pad area and we enjoyed an afternoon in the fresh air (as much as a big city can offer). At 8pm we went to the concert area and were lucky to find a small line waiting for the remaining seats in the theatre... we were able to get great seats!!


  1. Fun family pictures Lilian! Looks like you guys had a fun 4th of July. Your kids have really grown!

  2. Thanks, Julia!! I visited Jutta this past week and she told me you're in town. How fun!!