Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jack Being Two

What can I say... Jack is a real handful. :-) He won't give up on what he wants and will bug you to death until he gets it... I love him for that, but boy, it's hard! Jack is also really funny... he's always making silly faces, imitating our voices, getting something from us and running away with it, etc.

Today I decided to take a few pictures that show a little of his personality...

He asks me for lip balm all the time just so he can lick it. 

He takes his shorts off and when I ask him to put it on again, this is how he does it

He loves going in Raphael's room and dumping everything on the floor

I found this thingy at Toys R Us that won't allow Jack to get in anymore... hahahaha Raphael loves it so much that when Jack tries to get in, Raphael laughs and laughs...
 He loves his little HotWheels at nap time...

Jack started climbing out the crib a few days ago... luckily I had this wonderful gadget in my attic that came in very handy... a crib tent!! I should send a medal to whoever came up with it. 

Jack is finally over a phase when he took all his clothes and diaper off  in bed... it was so annoying... I would come get him in the morning and the crib would be all dirty... I would have to change his sheets twice a day... a friend told me to put his zip up jammies backwards... I tried it and after two days he figured how to take it out... then I started putting his diaper backwards along with the jammies... one more day and he figured that out too... then I just let him do it for another day and decided that my next step would be silver tape... after doing it for another day, he got bored... he figured his crib smelled nicer if he kept his diaper and clothes on... hope he won't change his mind again!!
He just started a phase of moving chairs to get things he wants from on high places... I caught him eating a pop tart.. then I caught him with his hand inside the candy jar... and I caught him getting baby food jars... now I've been watching him like a hawk...


  1. I can't believe your baby is 2! He sounds like he's all boy :) Audrey puts her pants on her head all the time still...she says she is a

  2. Funny!! A bunny... love that. :-) Jodi, he's really sweet. I also love all the hugs and kisses I get everyday!