Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jack Is 3!

What can I say about this little guy?
He still walks on his tip toes as if it's the most natural form of walking.
He thinks everything in our house is his and he tells us so.
He sits on our cat every single morning and then proceeds to give her a hug and kiss.
He is not content until all our 1,000 hot wheels are spread out all over the house.
He watches the same Monster Truck show and Mighty Machines series every. single. day.
He loves yogurt and applesauce more than anything else in the world.
He tries to run out the house any chance he gets just like a puppy.
He loves being outside, even when it's super hot.
His favorite phrase is "Jack faz." (Jack do it).
He's super affectionate, funny and independent.
He loves music. He especially likes singing Brazilian songs with mommy.

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