Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day - Part II

Besides my awesome dad, there's another wonderful father I know. Someone who is very caring and that plays with our kids like he's still one of them. Someone that makes our family really happy and that gives his all for us... guess who?

Brazil, 2007

Wymount Terrace Apts. BYU 2003

Disneyland 2002
Watching TV with Michael at 2am, Wymount 2000

New Years Eve 2001 (Brazilian Ward in Utah)

Michael's First Birthday, February 2001
Chuck E Cheese (2010?)

Daddy Daughter Dance Night 2013

Disney 2010 (Holding Jack)

 Destin 2012

Crab Island, Destin, 2012

Training Raphael for Mutton' Bustin' (March 2013)


  1. I LOVE the mutton bustin' that's a GREAT dad!!

  2. Ownnn, how cute! I love the one with Julianna and the way she was looking at her daddy with so much love. Happy Fathers Day, Marco! Thanks for being an awesome dad to my niece and nephews! =)