Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day

I've been planning a special blog post for a few days... in my mind I'd find the most amazing pictures of my father and me and post them on my blog to celebrate how awesome my dad really is. The problem is that I can't find almost any pictures with my father on them. He's always the one taking the pictures! :-( Ugh.

I want my dad to know that I love him and that I am super grateful for his example, love, dedication and sacrifice. He really gave his all for his kids and still does. I miss him so much!

This picture I found on a friend's Facebook page. My dad on the left, me, church friends, my sister Anna (white t-shirt) and on the far right is my mother. We were at the top of "Cristo Redentor"

"Festa de Debutantes" (15 years old party)
 This is a recent one.

Besides being a great dad, he's also a super fun grandpa. Check out his dance moves... not bad for a 75-year-old!
So silly :-)
Yes, he insisted on riding the Mary-Go-Round
Playing Kinect Sports in his PAJAMAS
Houston Downtown Aquarium (December 2011)
July 2011 (Anna's Wedding)
Feliz Dia dos Pais!!


  1. He is the best and we are so lucky and blessed to have him as a father. I loved the pictures. It reminded me of such great moments that I had even forgotten. You look so cute with that white dress. You're such an amazing sister, such a great example to me. Miss you sis!

  2. Agradeco a minha filha maravilhosa pela linda homenagem. A mamae manda mil beijocas. Amamos muito voces e meus netos e o Marco.