Friday, November 13, 2009

Facts About The Sun

We were in the car and the sun looked huge when it was about to set and it looked almost as if we were driving into it. Raphael asked, "are we driving into the sun?" I said, "no, the sun is a giant fireball, we would burn", then Michael said, "actually the sun has no fire at all, it's mostly hydrogen with some helium..." then I said, "but on fire", he corrected me again, "there is no oxygen out there, how would there be fire?" Ugh...
Then I went to Wikipedia and he was right. The sun is hot because of nuclear fusion. Who would know?
I learned more facts about the sun and went to question Michael to improve my morale... I asked, "so do you know the sun's real color?" He answered, "it's white, duh... everybody knows that." (I didn't, you little snob!) Then I decided not to humiliate myself any further and accept that my 4th grader is smarter than me!

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