Monday, August 23, 2010

Daddy Bucks

Here I am again. I feel so anxious today. First day of school, and my sister Anna just had gastric bypass surgery. I have been so anxious about her surgery, but everything went fine. :-)
I feel relief when I write, so here I am trying to calm down and not eat all the cookies I just baked... :-)

Today we're starting the Daddy Bucks system at my house again. I got the idea from the magazine Family Fun, Sept/09 issue, page 31, and we've been doing it on and off since I first read the article. My kids love the system and are excited to start again (we stopped in the Summer).
Here is how it works: They get "Daddy Bucks" by doing their chores, homework, reading, etc and they can spend them on "Mommy's Mart" (video game time, TV time, ice cream outing, family game, etc). I print the Daddy bucks from the website (with their Daddy's picture - they think it's really cool!) and they each have an envelope where they keep their money. The system works really well. This way I got my kids to help out around the house a lot more, and to have more control over TV/video game time. :-)

Oh I have to put pictures of Jack having his "tummy time"... He's just so darn cute!!!

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