Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Kids Do

The day before yesterday I put Raphael down for a nap a little before dinner time. He was so tired and cranky that I figured he could sleep for a half an hour and "refresh". At first he cried, then everything was too quiet (I can usually hear him talking himself to sleep). By this time Marco was home and went to check on him. Raphael was sitting on his bed with a box of granola bars, all ten open, three of them eaten, the rest missing bites... He explained, "I was so hungry!!"
I am reconsidering keeping food in his bathroom linen closet. :-)

This morning started well. I left the kids at the breakfast table while I went to change my clothes, and then I hear Julianna screaming.

Me: Julianna, what happened?
Julianna: Michael hit me really hard in my stomach!
Me: Michael why did you do that?
Michael: I did not hit her! She was choking and I was trying to save her life by doing a Heimlich maneuver.
Julianna: I was not choking, I was just coughing!

Seriously? Does anyone want 4 kids?

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