Sunday, February 1, 2009

Should We Get a Puppy?

Yesterday I spent about four hours working in the yard. I love it, especially when I have little hands around to help me and a husband willing to do the heavy work. I feel it on my thighs today though. Good exercise! Michael wants to do a garden business now. He wants to pull weeds out for the neighbors and get a few $ in exchange. The little guy is always thinking about money!
Raphael learned how to do puzzles in the computer this week (did I mention this before?). Now he's hooked on computers. Michael and Julianna think he's so cute for being so little and knowing how to use the mouse properly, but their patience is over when they want to play and Raphael won't leave the computer. Family of geeks!
The weather was great these past days in the afternoon. The kids played a lot in our sand box and swings. I love it when they play outside.
We have a puppy in sight that we might adopt. I feel anxious about it though. Will it be really bad for my allergies? Will it be hard to take care of? Will it cost a lot of expenses? What do we do with it when we travel? On the other hand, the kids are begging us for a pet, and I do melt when I see puppies... Marco says I think too much, that I should just get the puppy and think about the problems when they arise. He might be right... please leave a comment if you have an opinion to share!

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  1. Puppies are a lot of work, and it seems to always fall on us Mom's. We got a dog 6 months ago, that we rescued. He was much better than our last puppy, because he was older and already trained. He mostly stays outside, but the yard has really suffered because of it. The kids loved him at first, then they get bored of him. So I end up walking him. Good luck! Cute blog by the way.