Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caring for My Stress

Today I took Raphael to storytime at the library with Alison S. and her girls. It was a lot of fun! Raphael still acts shy, especially when all the kids stand up and dance. He loves doing the craft at the end though. Today he made a cute cowboy hat. After the library we headed to Denny's for a free meal - yes, 100% free! They had a special today that if you ordered a Grand Slam between 6am and 2pm it would be free. It felt great to get a receipt saying $0 charged... :-) After that I went to Home Depot and got some more seeds - spearmint, chamomille and lavender. Does it say something about my mood lately? These are all calming herbs... :-) Yesterday I also got some aromatherapy stuff at Bath and Body works. I had a great coupon and my shopping bag had a stress candle, stress roll-on treatment, and two stress shower gel/bubbly bath bottles, and I paid only $15 plus taxes (great considering that just 1 shower gel was $13). I love a good bargain. After my shopping success yesterday, I took a long bubble bath and felt so relaxed... I slept so well last night.

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