Sunday, February 6, 2011

My New Testament Class and Stake Conference

This past week I started my New Testament class. I actually had started it last Fall, but with Jack, my other kids, Christmas, and Jack again, I didn't do much and forgot most of what I studied. So I'm taking this challenge again. When I started the class in the Fall, I felt completely overwhelmed with the material. The lesson was about the major events in history leading to Christ's life. I have never been good in history. It's the one thing I have always dreaded in school. However, after spending lots of time studying this lesson, I understand why it's so important in studying the New Testament. I am confident I'll learn the New Testament better than I have ever learned in my life and I'm excited.

Today was Stake Conference with a Regional Broadcast from SLC. I played the organ for prelude, first hymn and postlude. The other hymns were sung with the broadcast. It's so strange that I have not been getting nervous anymore. I used to be so nervous that I would not sleep all week, have a stomachache, and would be shaking really bad when playing, almost to the point of people hearing it. It feels so good not to have that anymore and to play with joy. I really love playing the piano and the organ in Church, but I have to admit I grew to love it. It is a huge blessing in my life, and I have learned so much from my music callings.

Everybody is taking a nap now, but me and Jack (I wish I was though!) Jack is crawling all around my bedroom as I type. He's such a cute baby and so happy. I'll have to go take care of him now. My nose tells me he needs a diaper change. :-)

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  1. And a beautiful job you do - I love to listen to you play!