Saturday, February 5, 2011

Starting Weight Watchers Again

I've been a member of Weight Watchers since 2003, and a lifetime member since 2004. I really believe in the program and think it is the healthiest way to lose weight and the easiest too. It's not as fast as some other diets, but I don't feel hungry and I learn how to make smart food choices. In addition, I think I eat much better doing WW. I normally don't eat all my fruits and vegetables, and usually forget my daily multivitamin. I also don't make sure I eat my 2 servings of healthy oils... so WW helps me eat better and also motivates me to exercise. I also love going to meetings. They are inspirational, full of ideas and fun.
I am 40 lbs above my lifetime goal achieved in 2004. My goal for now is to lose 30 lbs. I don't like to think about the scale much. What I want is to fit into my size 6 pants again, whatever weight that might be. I am lucky to have saved my measurements from 2004 so that I can compare my achievements now to those at that time.

So I am posting a picture of me that was taken today. I am now a size 14. I think that posting this humiliating picture and declaring my size in public will help me not give up. :-) I hope to find support in my friends and family. Marco has been really supportive. He asks me all the time about how the program works, likes what I cook and doesn't mind that I am going to the gym many evenings now.

I chose this work out outfit because it's snug and sleeveless to show my problem areas. And it will also fit me when I am skinnier. I plan on using this outfit on all my pictures for better comparison.


  1. So cool! But c'mon, your not looking bad at all... and that belly, you don't really have it... it is your posture that is wrong! You still look beautiful but I agree that there is nothing better than fitting into an old pair of jeans. I am right with you sis! I am going to do the same in my blog... maybe it will help me to change my food habits and keep my everyday walk on going. Count on me! I'll be asking you too... and PLEASE... do the same to me??? Love you! =)

  2. hahahahah eu estava encolhendo a barriga nesta foto.... minha barriga esta ridiculamente grande!

  3. Tu barriga grande? I think you are beautiful the way you are! but it's always good to be healthy.

  4. Nao ta nada... E ai, ta fazendo direitinho o WW? Ta gostando do novo? Eu corri a semana passada toda mas ontem e hoje nao fui pq Jacob ta dodoi mas amanha ele ja vai pra escola denovo e volto a correr... to correndo 4 km. Cada volta (de 400 metros) eu fico com vontade de parar e ir pra casa... haha Um sacrificio as primeiras semanas, ne? Mas depois acostumo. Ve se me cobra! Beijocas