Sunday, February 20, 2011

Resting Day

I am so glad today is Sunday and so thankful for the commandment to keep it holy and to rest on this day. I so need rest!!

This week was especially challenging. I was really busy, but on top of it, I got a little sick and Jack was teething and had a ear infection. He didn't sleep well this week during the night, and was really fussy and demanding. I thought it was because of his new tooth coming in (there was no fever, just a little cough and a runny nose). But when I took him to his pediatrician for his 9-month well check on Thursday, he wasn't well at all. Poor guy!! So after a week of no sleep, from Friday to Saturday he slept from 11pm until 10am the next morning, but of course I was up before 7am to go camping with Julianna. But yesterday he slept from 9pm until I woke him up at 8am to go to Church. Ah.... I hope he'll sleep like this the whole week.

Update on my Weight Watchers thingy. Last week I lost almost 1 pound. Not much, but as long as the scale is going in the right direction, I'm happy.

My New Testament class is going really well too. It's pretty cool that I have so many questions when I read the Bible, but our Church General Authorities have done a great job in addressing them to the point. It's so neat to learn from them and to study the Savior's life. He brings me so much peace.

I've been kind of down lately with everything going on around me. I see so much unkindness everywhere. People judging other people, others not being friendly to each other, and it hurts to know that my kids have to deal with this every day. I also have seen many people I know and love get divorces, or fall away from the Church, and it saddens my heart. Yesterday I was eavesdropping a conversation (don't judge me!!), and this lady was telling the other that her husband left her last year for no reason other than he just wanted to be alone. She was telling of her struggles as a single mom and how she has to downsize. I heard a similar story on Thursday night when I went to buy groceries at Wal-Mart and 11pm. The cashier looked so friendly and happy, and talking to her, I asked her if she found it hard to work nights (her shift was just beginning). She cheerfully told me that she loved it and that she was so grateful for that job. Then she went on to say that her husband left her and that she didn't want to be away from her kids, but needed to work to pay the bills. She said that this way she could be there for them in everything and that they would not need her during the night so she could work. Hearing the story I was really controlling the tears from falling, and seeing that in me, she got emotional too. There are so many amazing people in this world that I need to learn from!! And there are so many struggles too...

I am so grateful for Marco, for his love for me and loyalty. I am no better than these other ladies, the only difference is that I have a husband who fears God, who keeps the commandments, who honors his Priesthood and loves his family. I am really, really lucky to have that.

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