Saturday, June 18, 2011


Today we celebrated Raphael's 5th Birthday. It was a Pirate party!

I found the instructions for this cake at Cute, isn't it? I added the "sand" made of graham crackers and sugar and some seashells.

Raphael was filling his lungs with as much air as possible. Those candles were hard to blow!

I came up with this cardboard box boat. Raphael loved it!

Julianna drew the pirate in the background for the game "Pin the Pirate's Eye Patch"

We decorated our own pirate hats

We walked "the plank" (empty carpet roll that I got for free at The Home Depot)

We went treasure hunting.

And we opened presents.

We also ate homemade cheese pizza, played freeze, and went "fishing". I wish I had a good picture of our fishing game. It was hilarious! The kids went one by one inside the boat and threw a fishing line in the ocean (a blue sheet with Michael under it). Sometimes the hook brought back something good (a diamong ring or a gummy fish), but other times the hook was not so lucky and brought back something silly (a dirty sock, a baby book, etc). The kids loved this game!

 And here is the crew that helped me A LOT with the party!! They rock!

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