Monday, June 6, 2011

Michael's Graduation and Arrow of Lights

Last days of school... I feel so sad!! I wish my kids could stay little forever.

5th Grade Walk around school to say goodbye

Awards Ceremony - he got Honor Roll and Citizenship. I thought there was third one, but I was mistaken. He should have gotten one for goodlooking, shouldn't he? :-))

Look how shy! :-) Mrs' Fox is on the microphone (his teacher) and Mrs. Motzny is the one that just hugged Michael (she's the principal)

Arrow of Lights (the Highest Award for Cub Scouts)

These are the brave and awesome boys getting the award

The "Indians" that came do a skit and award the boys

Hmmm... you should not trust boys with arrows... I'm glad nobody got hurt.

This is the plaque we got Michael and hang on his wall. We hope he'll remember the meaning of the Arrow of Lights (Leadership)

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