Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We met some Ward members at the beach. We came late, so most people were already packing up when we arrived. It was super windy, so we only stayed a couple hours and got tired. Marco was super spontaneous that day. I mean, SUPER spontaneous. He decided to take us on an adventure after the beach. It was worth it!!

We drove through Galveston and spotted the Travis Fort. It was beautiful!

We also drove by a lighthouse. I was surprised to see it also in this picture. It was hard to take a picture up close since it's big! Did I ever tell anyone here I love lighthouses? Why? I have no idea... I just think they are beautiful and meaningful.

After Fort Travis and the lighthouse, we rode the ferry!! I had no idea we could do that and for free! We all loved the views... too bad my camera was out of battery. Marco has pictures on his phone though.

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