Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life Can Change in a Minute

Right now I am listening to Raphael radio... he is singing a song Julianna taught him "precipitation, evaporation..." Something she learned in school and has been singing over and over. It's cute though, especially when it's missing consonants...
Today I got an e-mail from a very good friend saying that one good friend of mine passed away. Carlos Leta was only 31 years old and died of an heart attack last night. I haven't seen him in many years (11?), but he was a very good friend in my teens and I have wonderful memories of him. I feel sad, especially for his family - his new wife and mother. I hope they will find comfort in this time. I'll be praying for them.
It's amazing how in a minute things can change so much. Life is really in God's hands, and sometimes His vision is different from our wishes. I really want to develop the kind of faith that will make me accept His will, even when things become so hard - like what happened to Leta and the impact on his family... do I have that kind of faith? It's something I want to have, but never want tested...

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