Monday, January 26, 2009

Practicing New Skills

Today I spent a few hours working on my class Student Development 100. I edited all my assignments, made PDF files and submitted to BYU. I now realize how much out of shape my mind is! What normally took me an hour, took me three. It feels great to be back in school though. I love studying.
Raphael has been learning lots of new skills as well. He now wants to dress himself and brush his teeth (I brush them for a second time after he does it :-)) He has been doing a great job and it is really fun to watch. I'll post a picture bellow. He now can also draw a head with eyes, nose and mouth. He feels really proud and loves praise. I can't believe my little baby is growing up!
I've been reading Three Cups of Tea for a Couple Months now. My book club friends say it's a wonderful book and once you get past the slow beginning, it's great. I haven't been able to get past the beginning. I always fall asleep! A few days ago I got an audio file at the library for it and downloaded it to my mp3 player. All I can tell is that the past three nights I slept like a baby! It's even easier to fall asleep now... :-) Anyway, I will finish the book, and I'll review it here in February...

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