Sunday, January 25, 2009

Should I Not Have Been Trusting?

I think many of my posts will start with "yesterday". The reason is because I love writing early in the day, so I usually write about what happened the day before.
Yesterday I woke up at almost 9am. This hasn't happened in a very long time. I went upstairs to check on the kids, who are usually awake before eight. Michael and Raphael were quietly watching cartoons together and Julianna was still sleeping. Michael is such a great brother to Raphael. He takes good care of Raphael when I am not around.
Our day was mostly quiet. I went to Home Depot and got wood protector to put on our park, Weed and Feed for the lawn, and a few seeds. I also got a person to fix a few holes in our office wall (we put a ceiling fan a few months ago) and he fixed everything plus a few wall damages around the house. We agreed on $100 before he started and he sent one of his employees to do the job. I thought it was a great deal (although he only spent a little over one hour working). Today he called asking me why I only paid him $100 while he said I agreed to $200. I couln't believe how dishonest that man was! Marco couldn't unsderstand why I cried for a long time after I talked to the guy. The reason is because it hurts to see someone lie and swear on it. How can he sleep at night? Doesn't he fear God? I was so trusting of him. I treated him and his employee so kindly. However, I learned my lesson: never do anything without a contract. I should have had him write me an appraisal, and sign when he received my payment. Marco doesn't think it was necessary and that I didn't do anything wrong though.

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