Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Arrivederci Beloved Piano

Today I sold my old piano. Although it was as old as me and not as good as my new one, I feel sad! I loved playing it for 13 years and it was a gift from my parents. In this piano I learned how to play some of my favorite songs, composed my own pieces, and improved my skills... and it was my kids' first piano...  Julianna is especially sad. I remember my fist piano in Brazil. It was a German older upright of the brand Fritz Dobbert. It had real ivory keys and the wood work was fully refinished before we bought it. It was a beauty! We left it behind with my sister when we moved to the United States, and she later sold it.
I'm sad to lose this piano, but happy that a great family bought it. :-) I hope it will bring this family as much joy as it brought me.

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