Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good Day

Today is my birthday. I wasn't too excited to start my day for a few reasons. First, Marco is not here (he's been on a business trip for two weeks), Second, I am getting older and don't like it. Third, I am on a very strict diet this week (Sacred Heart Soup Diet), so no cake and no yummy food today. Just vegetable soup, fat free milk and bananas. Blah. However, my day has been really, really nice. I had my dear family call me, I had many e-mails and Facebook birthday wishes (I haven't checked Orkut yet). My kids gave me homemade drawings and cards. I taught Preschool at my house and I like teaching preschool. I also received this at my door.

Marco sent this huge flower vase to me through 1800flowers. They are still opening up. This morning when they arrived they were totally closed. Pretty, huh? He also gave me a cell phone car charger.

My in-laws sent this gift to me and it arrived on Saturday.

Raphael told me that this purse will make me look Spanish. I asked "Why?" He answered, "because all Spanish girls have a yellow purse." Hahahaha He's so cute! I told him, "Good! I like looking Spanish."

I also lost three pounds. Not the 5-7 that the diet said I'd lose after the third day, but I'll take it. I'm still on this diet until Friday. After that I'll start Weight Watchers again, but probably not until February.

Here is a picture of the "Yummy" soup I've been eating all week.


  1. Glad you ended up having a good day. I meant to wish you happy birthday in the morning when I dropped Benjamin off or picked him up but I was running so behind. So glad you like teaching pre-school. I think it is fun too. (On that note, I saw dinosaur fruit snacks on sale at Kroger for $1 a box if you happen to be looking for a snack for Thursday.)

  2. Raphael is so cute and funny! I loved the Yellow purse... colored purses are in here in Brazil... and I guess in U.S. too. Actually, not matching anything is in... =) I was dying to call you yesterday but my magicjack is not working and my phone doesn't call international... I haven't actually figured out how phone companies work here in Brazil.. it is quite confusing to me... I'm glad there is such a thing as Facebook! Next time choose a different week to diet... birthday, specially when hubby is gone, is not a good day for diets. But I am glad and excited for you that you lost 3 pounds... think of three pounds of butter... great achievement!!! Keep up the good work and inspiring me!!! =D Love you! Tati