Thursday, January 20, 2011


I had the funnest time teaching preschool. The theme was dinosaurs and I think the kids really enjoyed it. I know I did. :-)

Here is a dinosaur paw print they made using homemade salt dough. We pretended the dough was mud and that a dinosaur (toy plastic one) left a paw print. It was fun to explain that scientists have found real dinosaur paw prints and those have been really helpful in telling them dinosaur size, etc. We baked this paw prints so now they are hard.

We also made dinosaur skeletons with pasta.

Besides crafts, we sang a dinosaur song, read a couple cute dinosaur books (fiction) and we talked about some dinosaur facts. I was afraid the kids would be bored with this part, but to my surprise, they were very interested. They participated and asked questions just like big kids. It was fun!

Look how beautiful my flowers look today. They are really brightening up my day. :-)

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