Thursday, January 27, 2011

Soaking Up The Sun

We were having awful weather here, but yesterday the sun came out and it was just a beautiful day to play outside.

Julianna decided to teach Raphael how to swing himself on the swings.

Jack also loved playing outside.

Michael was the only one that didn't want to play outside. He wanted to read instead (no surprise here). I threw him out the door though, and before long he was playing tag with Julianna and Raphael. They played for a very long time until they started fighting (no surprise here either. :-))

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  1. Oh my word... Jack is so big and cute... look at him giggling... how sad to be that far and not be able to fill him up with kisses. And how cute of Julianna to be playing with Raphael. Love them and miss them a lot. And you too! =)