Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catching Up

We've been up to a lot of things lately.

Book Of Mormon Reading:

We finished our Book Of Mormon challenge found here (the magazine actually had a picture of an arch and cut out keystones to place in the arch when a section is read).

We started a new Book of Mormon challenge, which is reading all the pages! We read one page a day. We printed a little booklet to check off each page read. This will probably take us a couple years to complete.

New Sports Classes:

Michael started a Sports class (every week is a different sport) at the YMCA. He hated it, but we'll try it for longer and see if he changes his mind. Hopefully he will!

Raphael is starting Soccer in February. He's enrolled and ready to go!

Julianna is still in dance and every week she loves it more.

My Projects:

Marco is out of town and I've been trying to distract myself so time will go quickly. :-( I miss him.
So my plans are:
-Seal all the grout in my house (I have a lot of tiled areas that were never sealed).
-Read "I Capture the Castle" by Dotie Smith (bookclub book of the month).
-Sell some books on ebay (have listed them already, hope they'll sell).
-Lose some weight (ugh I hate this one, but have to face it eventually)
-Take a nap (ha! This one is impossible)

I'm tired now. The kids have just gone off to bed. Today I drove them to their enrichment classes, Preschool, Library, Costco, Eye Glasses store, and after feeding them dinner, we read, and I studied science with Julianna. Jack is still up. He just ate two jars of baby food and I think he now wants a bottle and to go to bed. Off I go!

Important for record (since this is my journal and I print it off regularly): Today I fixed the time in my posts. It was set up in a different time zone before (2 hours earlier). Now it's correct.

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