Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack, The Monkey

Last year I got so busy with Julianna's baptism that I didn't take any pictures at Halloween... my mother-in-law took some though and I hope to see them someday (hint, hint :-) ).
So I'm taking things slowly this year... one kid, one pet at a time...

Since today was trick-or-treating at the library, I took some pictures of Jack. I took a bunch, but most of them were blurry... Jack won't stand still!

While I'm in the library subject, I also picked up some books on hold for Julianna (she has her own library card and chooses them online). I was expecting to see princesses, unicorns, ponies, etc. But when I saw her choices I was a little surprised. It's so sad that my little girl is growing up!