Friday, October 21, 2011


The past few days in pictures!

Ice cream cake I created for Julianna for her birthday. It turned out really yummy! I'm going to call it Julianna's Cake. :-)

Jack Getting Stuck in a Toy... Poor guy!! And I Taking a Picture Before Helping Him. Hahahhaa

This week was all about Jack. Sometimes I focus on the older ones a lot, so I picked this week to make my little guy feel special too. We went to the children's library, to the Children's Museum, to feed the "duchies" and played a lot at home too.It was a great week! Jack is learning so much lately. He has been eating really well too.He outgrew his milk sensitivity and after a couple weeks reintroducing it slowly, he's drinking cow milk with all his meals.Yay!!

I love Jack's concentration look in this picture

Jack saw himself in the mirror, smiled really big and kissed himself. So cute!

This is the water area outside. Jack was fascinated!

He pushed this car for about 30 minutes. No wonder he crashed after five minutes in the car ride home

And here we are... its' impossible to take a decent picture together!

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