Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sadie, The Cutest "Tiger"

Today I had a lot of fun with Sadie, our dog. We took her to Petsmart for a costume contest. I thought a lot about an original costume, and I wondered what I could do that would match her looks. Since she's already red, I decided to decorate her as a tiger. I love the result!!!

She won 3rd place!!

Lots of people asked me what breed she was. A few times I answered "she's a cross between a tiger and a Retriever" and one person said "Really? Wow!"  :-)

So here is how I transformed my dog into a tiger. She's already red, so I just added black stripes. I used a washable marker to draw a pattern on her (use one hand to hold her steady and the other the marker). Then use black face painting to go over the stripes. I used my finger. It was really easy actually.

I used two of these and bought them at Walmart

The only problem with this costume is the mess!! By the time Sadie was done with all the activities at Petsmart, I was covered in black paint. It was so worth it though!! She was the center of attention.And the paint came off really easily in the shower.


  1. That is awesome! I had to show it to Ryan cause that was the coolest costume EVER. Plus, he sorta wanted to know why I was laughing so hard (really? they believed she was part tiger!?) We miss you guys!

  2. Thanks! Miss you too Jen! And you too, Julia!