Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jutta's Surprise Birthday Party

On Tuesday we threw a surprise birthday party for this my sweet friend Jutta. I think everyone that was there will agree with me that it was really neat to see this lady so happy! Jutta jumped for joy!! On the same night, we surprised her with a cute new bike that we bought as a group. Jutta loved it!! Although I don't have pictures of her with the bike, I have a video that I will post later tonight (it's on Marco's phone). It's worth watching!! It was really a wonderful night. Thank you so much to all that participated in coming, bringing yummy foods, group gift, cards, etc. Thanks Lisa for taking pictures! You all are great! :-)


  1. That. Is. Awesome. So wish I could've been there!!!

  2. It was really special. Too bad you weren't here! Jutta is always saying how much she misses you. We all miss you!