Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Here is our new dog Sadie. She is Jack's age (born June 2, 2010) and just as hyper. She's very friendly, but gets too excited sometimes and we have to be careful so she doesn't jump on Jack and Raphael (which she does all the time). She's a quick learner though and I'm sure the jumping will be gone soon. I also hope she'll get along with Bayla (our cat).
I walked with her for the first time last Friday. Let's just say that she walked me. For one hour and a half, I was literally dragged. It wasn't a pretty picture. I saw many people laughing and others looking at me weird. I knew that was not normal. I came home and researched a lot about dogs, walks, etc. and saw many training videos on YouTube. I'm taking her on short walks now and really making her walk side by side with me and not pull on the leash. Let's see how long it will take her to learn. I'm also training her to not jump on people.
Sadie is very beautiful. She's like a work of art. Her nails alternate black and white in each claw. She's rusty in color and has white on her neck and torso and also in her paws. Her fur is shiny and she's very athletic. She's a Boxer/Retriever mix. She looks like a retriever, but has color and personality of a boxer.
Wow, I never write this much, but I do want to remember this. :-)

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